World Kindness Day

Be kind. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your world.

Today is World Kindness Day. Really, every day should be Kindness Day. It is something that needs to be celebrated and recognized and exercised on the daily.

Kindness is an often overlooked virtue. It can be forgotten in the hecticness of life, when in reality it should be ingrained in everything we do. Kindness should be a part of every word we speak.

It should be a part of every decision we make.

It should be a part of every last thing we do.

And while we are not perfect and sometimes we will fall short of this goal, kindness should guide us in all we do.

Think of how much better our world would be if everyone agreed.

I know that sounds so cliche and Pollyanna and all that, but I mean it. It all seems so simple to me. Treat others as you want to be treated, ya know? I mean, how hard is it to be kind? And yet one simple act of kindness can change someone’s day or even their life.

So, please, today especially do your best to focus on how YOU can add kindness to our hurting world.

How you can make this place a little better with just one kind word or action.

Please choose to let your heart lead with kindness today and everyday.

After all, the best hearts are kind.

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