The World Through My Children’s Eyes

To see the world through my children’s eyes is beautiful. It is safe and loving and inclusive. Everyone is worthy of being a “friend” until proven otherwise by actions or words. Appearance and background have no bearing on how people are perceived.
I do not want my children to grow up surrounded by hate and fear and mistrust of those who are different. No, I will not allow these things to mar their innocent and untainted outlook.
I am only one person, but I am a mom. I have the power to make a difference, if only in the lives of my own children.

In the face of hatred, I will teach them love.

In the face of violence, I will teach them peace.

In the face of intolerance, I will teach them to reach out to others.

In the face of fear, I will teach them hope.

My children – all our children – deserve to know these things. I have the power to protect how my children view the world and influence how they treat others. And, so do you. And, in turn, our children will influence the future of our world.

Yes, to see the world through my children’s eyes is beautiful, so I will choose to view it that way, too.


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