We All Have Rough Mornings Sometimes

Sometimes you don’t get enough sleep the night before, and you just need all the coffee and a moment of peace that you won’t get.

Sometimes your best efforts to get your little ones out of bed and dressed and fed in a timely manner are derailed by messes and accidents and chaos.

Sometimes you promise yourself you will limit your toddler’s screen time, but hand him the iPad anyway for a moment of sanity.

Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and cry “Uncle!” to the universe at large, and hope – for just a little while – it grants you a break.

We all have these mornings.

All of us.



That put-together mom next to you at school drop off.

Some mornings go smoothly and we feel like our sh*t is finally together. And some mornings, well…not so much.

It’s ok, mama. These times are to be expected. For each and every one of us.

But these mornings will pass as quickly as they came, and just like that, things will be ok again.

We will be ok.

*Original version of this post was written in November 2017.

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