There Is Always Room In a Circle

“My circle is not big enough for all my monster trucks!” My 4-year-old complained the other day.

He had spent a good amount of time carefully lining up his vehicles to form a circle for an “arena”. But, when he got to the last few trucks he realized he hadn’t planned for a large enough space.

“They won’t fit,” he said, defeated.

“Yes, they will!” I quickly replied. “They each just need to move back a little bit and the circle will be big enough for all of them.”

I picked up one of the tiny trucks and moved it backwards a few inches. I repeated the act with each truck next to it, and my son joined in to help.

In just a few moments, the circle was large enough, and my little guy was happy that all of his toys were included.

And then it hit me.

Life lesson right there, folks.

Hear me out…

It may feel sometimes like our social “circles” are not big enough to fit someone new. That our schedules and our hearts are too full to accommodate one more.

Or maybe sometimes we feel like we couldn’t possibly be included in someone else’s “circle” because there are already so many people there; causing us to feel rejected without even trying to join.

But here’s the thing –

There is ALWAYS room in a circle.

If we all just take a few steps back, both literally and figuratively, there will always be room for one more.

So next time you see someone looking to be included, or we are looking for our own place to belong, please think of my son’s toy trucks. And, remember, there is always room.

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