An Open Letter To My Child’s Speech Therapist

Dear Speech Therapist,

You met my daughter, a little pixie of a girl, almost four years ago. She had round cheeks and two tiny, wispy pigtails that you tell me you remember like it was yesterday. Although my little girl had recently turned three years old, she had less than 25 words in her vocabulary when you met.

You and my daughter clicked almost instantly and began building the foundation for the unbreakable bond the two of you would go on to form. Your kind and loving nature put my timid little girl at ease. I knew from the very beginning that you were the right person for the job of helping her learn to communicate with the world.

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“If we truly listen, our children will always surprise us with the depth of their innocent wisdom that has not yet been shaped by years of life experiences. Keep your ears and your mind open.”

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This past weekend my second article for Babble was published. This one is called, “10 Things My Daughter With Special Needs Has Taught Me About Life”.

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. This is a piece discussing ten things that my sweet girl has taught me over the past five and a half years. Of course, I knew that I would learn a lot becoming a mother. Parenting is a learning experience, right? What I did not realize was that my children would teach me so many poignant and important lessons about life.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. ♥