My Daughter’s Medical Issues

I’m often pretty casual when I talk about them.

My daughter’s medical issues, that is.

When listening to me, some people may think I’m being flippant or minimizing serious issues like “surgery” and “hospitalizations” and “heart valve replacements”. And you know what? When I listen to myself sometimes I guess I can hear that, too. But it’s actually not the case at all.
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“Routine” Medical Appointments

When you have a child with a serious health issue, “routine” appointments are never routine.

Tomorrow we will be traveling for Evalyn’s cardiology check-up. Last November at the age of 8, she underwent her 4th cardiac catheterization where the stent in her heart that began to close up was ballooned open again. The cardiologists had hoped to put a new pulmonary valve in at the time as well, but were unable to, due to her crowded cardiac anatomy. The risks of performing the valve replacement at the time outweighed the possible benefits.
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To The Parent Of A Medically Complex Child

This one goes out to all the parents who have to bribe their kids with Happy Meals to cooperate at medical specialist visits.

To all the parents who make and manage countless doctor appointments on a regular basis.

To all the parents who wear a brave face so that their child does not have to worry.

To all the parents who breathe a sigh of relief after a good report, when no one even knew they were holding their breath.

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