Alone Together

I’m a homebody.

I’m an introvert.

You can even say that I’m a bit shy and sometimes avoid interacting with other people on purpose.

I am for sure #TeamSociallyAwkward.

But, guys. This social isolation is killing me. Only a few days in, and I am missing the world around me.

There is something about not being allowed to have contact with others that makes me crave it even more.

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Grown-Ups Need Best Friends, Too

For a long time as an adult, I was missing that close friendship connection that you often have with others when you are young. Back before marriage and parenthood and adulting consumed the majority of our time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had some very dear friends and lots of acquaintances that I interact with fairly regularly. But life often gets in the way. We all know how it is.

What I’ve really been missing is someone I can call a “Best Friend”.

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