The Beauty of Change

“Change is the only constant.” I saw this quote on a sign along a trail I was running this morning in a state park. Deep thoughts from the forest, huh? After a quick Google search I saw this quote is credited to a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus, who I’ve never heard of before.

Anyway, I wish I took a picture of it because I love this quote. It’s so true, isn’t it? In all aspects of life, and¬†especially in parenting. As soon as you “master” one stage, the next begins. You never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s always something new and different, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Kind of like this lone red leaf I saw. I found it beautiful, too. I did manage to get a picture of that. Happy Autumn, everyone.

(not ready for pumpkin) mom with a blog

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“Ode to the Pumpkin Spice Latte”

by Mia Carella

September is here,
and now you are, too.

You warm our mouths and our bellies
with your spicy goodness.

You remind us of crisp sweater weather
and curling up under a blanket by the fire.

The joy you bring us is boundless,
and we anxiously await your arrival each Autumn.

But, alas, my beloved PSL, to you I say,
It’s still technically summer for 3 more weeks, so back off.