Special Needs Parents: Keep on Believing

This little girl amazes me.

At one time, not too many years ago, I didn’t know if she would ever walk.

When your child is nearing their third birthday and hasn’t yet taken their first steps, fears like this come to mind. This is a huge part of being a special needs parent, you know. The fears. The questions. The what-ifs. They are things my fellow special needs parents and I know all too well.

When you are a special needs parent, nothing – and I mean NOTHING – is ever taken for granted. Not one word spoken, one letter of the alphabet written, one step taken. Every one of these things is monumental for us because we know how hard it was worked for.

And, thankfully, with help, time, and a lot of hard work my daughter did walk.

And later she ran.

And now this little girl dances. And when she does, so does my heart.

To any special needs parents struggling out there right now, don’t lose hope. Keep believing in your kiddos, and they will continue to amaze you.


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