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Poor Sophie!

Earlier this week there was an article published on Good Housekeeping.com about a mother who cut open her son’s Sophie the Giraffe teether only to find black mold inside.

I am a huge fan of Sophie and have been since my daughter was born six years ago. I was not happy to hear people bad-mouthing her in this way. After all, something like this could happen to any toy that water could possibly get into. I also felt that not all Sophies were filled with mold and that it probably depends a lot on how they were cleaned and cared for. So, I decided to do a little investigating and said good-bye to our Sophie toys in the name of science. (Note: My children have outgrown Sophie. I’m not a monster.)

I wrote about my thoughts and “research” in an article for Her View From Home. *Spoiler alert – My Sophies were clean as a whistle!

Check out my article below. You owe it to Sophie.

“Mold In Sophie the Giraffe? Let’s Not Panic.”


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