Sometimes You Just Gotta Wear The Tutu

Sometimes you just gotta wear the tutu.

We often find ourselves on the outside looking in when it comes to our kids activities. We watch them play. We cheer them on. We capture the memories in photographs. But it isn’t always that we dive in with our children.

Maybe it’s because we are embarrassed or afraid to look silly in front of other adults. Maybe we are busy watching little siblings or multi-tasking a zillion different things. Maybe we just don’t get the opportunity.

This weekend I had the chance to participate in a dance class with my daughter. Pushing my self-consciousness aside, I threw on a bright green tutu and walked into class ready to go.

I danced and twirled with my daughter.

I sang along to Disney soundtracks.

I plié-d and frog jumped and shuffle-hop-stepped my way through class.

I had a great time. I think we both did. I did not care about looking stupid in front of the teachers or other parents. I didn’t worry about my reflection in the mirrored wall. I just danced.

So next time I get the opportunity, I am going to wear the tutu again.

And, if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it.

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