Something To Look Forward To

I’m getting stir crazy.

I want to get out so badly that I got dressed IN REAL CLOTHES for a livestream Amos Lee concert on Instagram tonight that I will watch alone in my own living room.

No one will see me.  But, I do this every week because it gives me something to look forward to during these dark times.

We all want out.

I know. We want nothing more than to resume “normal” life and go places freely and see people. Really engage with others.

I am starved for social interaction.

But I also refuse to rush back out there too soon. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Things are improving in some places, but it’s not over yet as evidenced by the spikes in COVID19 cases in certain states.

We need to be safe.

I know this sucks, but we have to hang in there a little longer. We can wear our masks when around others and continue to social distance. We can hold off on unnecessary large gatherings.

It’s not worth it to rush back in too quickly.

Hang in there, friends. We can do this.

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