Scary Attics Are Scary

I recently went up into my attic in search of some old boxes of memories from years past that have been packed up for so long. This is a big deal for me because, quite frankly, I am afraid of my attic.

And it’s true. Scary attics ARE scary.

And, yes, I went up into mine despite being afraid, and I’d do it again.

Because sometimes we have to be brave and do scary things to get to the good stuff.

The real world is like that, too, isn’t it? There is a lot of scariness we need to overcome to get to the best things in life.

Opening your heart is scary.

Going outside your comfort zone is scary.

Letting your guard down is scary.

But, you know what?

It’s ok to be afraid. And it’s getting to that good stuff that makes facing your fears all worth it.

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