Scandalous: My Toddler Watches Big Brother

While playing UNO with my family tonight, my just turned 3-year-old saw this card in the picture and excitedly exclaimed, “The Power of Veto!”

Now, all of you Big Brother fans will know what this means. My whole family – including my little guy – are huge B.B. fans. So, naturally he recognized this as the symbol for the coveted power to overturn a nomination in the televised game.

I was proud (oddly, perhaps) of his memory, his recognition, and his ability to generalize the information to our card game. I totally looked at this as a proud mommy moment.

However, I can’t help but realize that in sharing the fact that my toddler watches reality television, I will be judged.

Yes, guys. We watch tv in my home.

And, yes, I am somewhat lenient with the content my kids view, especially when compared to typical 3-year-old programming, like PBS Kids (which he also loves, thankyouverymuch).

But, you know what? It’s okay. My family watches Big Brother the way other families bond over rooting for their favorite football team. We talk about what happened in an episode. We make predictions of who will go home next. We cheer and boo together as events unfold.

I’m not embarrassed of that.

I actually think it’s really cool that my kids and I can enjoy this together.

And, honestly, I think the connection and fun we have together watching this show is even more valuable than if they were independently watching Sesame Street. (No offense, Elmo. We love you, too.)

My point is we all do things differently as parents and we shouldn’t judge each other for the decisions we make.

This meeting is adjourned.

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