Saturday: Then vs. Now

Saturday THEN vs. NOW –

THEN: Sleep late into the morning, with sunlight being the only disruption to your slumber.

NOW: Be woken up at the crack of dawn by your first born disruption. Sunlight is the least of your worries.

THEN: Run errands or not. Maybe take a solo trip to the mall to shop for yourself, if you want.

NOW: Run everywhere. Dance class, sports practices, food store. Wish for a solo trip to the bathroom, but not get it.

THEN: Enjoy an afternoon nap alone. Wake up feeling refreshed.

NOW: Fight with kids to take a nap and finally surrender as the acceptable “nap window“ closes. Feel more exhausted than before.

THEN: Spend evening relaxing and leisurely getting ready for a night out.

NOW: Spend evening listening to children bickering and whining about being hungry. Rush to get dinner made for family.

THEN: Dinner reservations at 7:30pm. Ready to start the night.

NOW: Everyone in pajamas by 8:00pm. Hoping bedtime is sooner rather than later.

THEN: By 10:00pm head to a bar for after-dinner drinks. Look forward to hours of talking, music and/or dancing.

NOW: By 10:00pm head to bed with children in tow. Look forward to hours of co-sleeping while dodging little elbows and feet to the face.

THEN: Can’t imagine anywhere you’d rather be.

NOW: Can’t imagine anywhere you’d rather be.

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