I Remember That Valentine’s Day

This picture is from Valentine’s Day 2011. It was the day before my daughter’s first open heart surgery. She was 7 weeks old.

I remember thinking how symbolic it was to have her little heart being repaired so close to the holiday when we celebrate hearts and love.

I remember that I didn’t bother with make up that day because I knew I would be crying. 

I remember my husband and I holding her continuously, handing her back and forth between us.

I remember my mom was staying at our house that night, and I remember her asking if she could take down our Christmas tree which had been untouched since my daughter was born on Christmas Eve two months prior. I remember I didn’t care.

I remember falling asleep next to my husband by my daughter’s bedside in the hospital, knowing we would be woken up before dawn to begin pre-op necessities. I remember not knowing if I would be able to sleep anyway.

Yes, I remember February 14, 2011.

Today, I am so thankful that my memories of this Valentine’s Day will be of making last minute teacher valentines in the morning before school, my husband bringing home chocolate surprises for all of us after work and then reading a chapter of a Junie B. Jones book at bedtime. It was a great day. 💙

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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