(reality star) mom with a blog

Tonight I sat on the couch with my daughter watching the season finale of our favorite guilty pleasure reality television show. I was completely focused on the program in front of me, when I glanced momentarily away from the tv.
This is what I saw.
My daughter was carefully examining the position of my feet and trying to match her’s to mine. She had scooted herself to the edge of the couch so that her feet could rest on the coffee table. She had crossed her ankles like mine, and was busily making adjustments to get it just right.

The moment struck me hard.
As I was watching TV to find out which reality star was one step closer to winning $500,000, my little girl was watching me. Trying to be just like me. In that instant, I realized that I was the star of her reality.
What power we have as parents! Our little ones admire us just as we admire celebrities and television stars. They see us as the ones to emulate. Somewhere in the back of our minds we know this, but to see it play out so literally was eye-opening.
I quickly snapped this picture to share with all of you. It can be our reminder that, at any given moment, we are the stars of someone else’s reality. ❤️

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