I am a writer, and I want to write something.

Really, I do. It’s just that the creative part of my brain is not cooperating right now.

Many parts of my brain are in overdrive, for sure. Here are some examples of the ones that are working just fine:

-the think-about-all-the-things-I-have-to-do-but-not-do-them part

-the worry-I-suck-at-parenting part

-the what-am-I-going-to-do-with-the-kids-all-summer part

-the make-sure-I-fit-in-my-run-for-my-sanity part

-the I-literally-want-to-run-away part

-the overthinking-every-interaction-with-other-humans part

-the let’s-just-try-not-to-completely-fall-apart part

So, yeah. The creativity part is a little dormant right now as my brain power is allocated elsewhere. But I’m working on it.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you are putting all your brain power into so many things you can’t possibly get it all done.

Well, just know you are not alone. Prioritize. Do what you can. It doesn’t all have to happen right now.

And just so you know, I needed to hear this today, too

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