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Every morning I take a picture of my daughter before school.

It’s a tradition we started last year on the first day of kindergarten. Some days she is really into it and other days she is a mini teenager giving me her best “Come on, Mom” looks. But, we still do it.

It was not something I planned on doing. It just sort of grew from that obligatory first-day-of-school picture. It was actually my daughter who kept it going with her requests for more in those early days. I’m so¬†glad that she did.

It is amazing to see the growth in her through the days, the weeks, the months. My little peanut who started kindergarten with her toothless smile, now proudly shows off her beautiful big girl teeth. Her round cheeks became more defined and her features more angular. Her legs are now long and lanky, and make her look like a preteen at only six years old. But, those eyes! They didn’t change. They sparkle with love and kindness and authentic joy just as much as they ever did.

What a gift to be able to look back at these pictures. I’m glad she asked for more. She’s a smart little girl, you know.

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