Parents of Children With Special Needs – Never Doubt Yourself

Dear parents of children with special needs,

Please remember that you know your child best. Never let anyone make you doubt yourself.

I know there are so many people telling you about your child’s weaknesses and what they need and don’t need. Most are well-meaning. But you are the only one who truly knows what is right for your child.

I know sometimes your heart feels heavy and you are so exhausted you feel like giving in, but keep pushing for them. Keep advocating. Know your options and your rights.

We are our children’s voices where they don’t have a say. We are their cheerleaders when they need someone in their corner. We need to keep fighting for them even when we are so, so tired. Maybe especially then.

Take a break. Phone a friend. Shed some tears. And then get back up and do your thing.

Because no one knows your child the way you do. No one.

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