Autism Awareness 2022

“We all have something that makes us different!”
I don’t remember the exact conversation we were having when my 6-year-old son made this declaration, but I remember feeling so proud as a parent.
Here’s why.
It was just the week before that we had been discussing what it meant to have autism. My kids and I had attended an event for families of children with special needs that was sponsored by an organization called Autism ALLways. As we drove home, I used the opportunity to discuss autism.

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She Can Do It

This girl.

This girl is the picture of resilience, the epitome of strength, and the hardest working kid I know.

She has overcome obstacle after obstacle to get where she is today.

When our medical team worried about her breathing on her own after birth, she got off the ventilator within 3 days. My fierce little 4 pound newborn was always a fighter.
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Give Love

“Come here! I have a message for you,” my 6-year-old son called to me from the kitchen this morning as I was hurrying to get things ready for school.

I told him to wait. I was busy trying not to miss the bus, but I saw his smile and had to go see.

On the kitchen floor spelled out in magnetic letters was this word. Love. And, boy, did I need to see that at that moment.
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