No Rest For The Mommy…

At the risk of sounding like a terrible mother, this summer is kicking my ass.

There, I said it.

Last August I cried when it was time for summer to end and watch my oldest head off to first grade. And throughout the whole school year I wished for summer. I longed for the days of flexible schedules, staying up late, and no (well, less) lunch-packing. But summer’s in full swing now, friends. And we’re not even halfway through.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love this time of year with my kids. I love the free time. I love going to the beach. I love watching them turn into little sun-kissed blondies through their SPF 1000 sunscreen.

But there are things I REALLY don’t like, as well. I dislike the increased bickering. I dislike having to be the sole activity planner when sometimes I want a break, too. I dislike the all-day-long screeches for mom to get snacks, to wipe butts, to entertain.

I am exhausted. There is truly no rest for the Mommy in summertime.

I know there are only 18(ish) summers with my kids at home. I should savor every moment. I get it. But this summer is tough, y’all. Quite the doozy. But I’ll get through it just fine.

I will continue working my way through our family Summer Bucket List.

I will continue putting on the damn swimsuit.

I will continue doing all the rest of that summer jazz.

And I will truly cherish these moments, too. Because I’m the mom, and that’s what we do.

So mamas and dads, if you are struggling this summer, too, don’t fret. Know you are not alone. Even good parents need breaks. Sending solidarity vibes and Katniss Everdeen salutes. We got this.

And if you are a parent reading this and thinking, “I can’t relate to this at all. I’m loving every minute of summer!”, then that’s great. I wish I was in the same boat, but I’m not. Not right now.

Chances are though, that when we completely settle into our summer routine and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible again, I will jump right back on board that ship with you.

Just hope that time comes soon.

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