No Pictures To Show For It

If a mom has an amazing weekend but didn’t take any pictures, did it even happen?

Two days of swimming nonstop for hours on end.

Two days of spending time with friends I haven’t seen in so long.

Two days of watching my kids grow confidence and skill in the water.

Two days of putting on the dreaded swimsuit.

Two days of braving excessive heat warnings to enjoy the sun together.

Two days of water slides and unicorn rafts and smiles.

Two days of pure summer fun with my family.

And, I have no pictures to show for it.

This is actually very unlike me. I love taking pictures to document fun times and special moments. I believe pictures are important and special keepsakes to have to help keep our memories alive. They are priceless and we need them.

But this weekend?

I guess I was just too busy living the moments to document them.

That’s ok, too.

What I do have to show for it includes sun-kissed noses, two exhausted little people, and one very happy heart.

And, that’s pretty amazing.

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