My Daughter’s Wings

This. This picture.

I took this shot during a recent trip to the zoo with my family as a cute photo op, but its meaning has morphed into something so much more. It is a illustration of my life’s mission as the mother of this beautiful girl with special needs.

It is my job, my duty as her mom, to give her wings.

Everything that I have done so far as a parent, and everything that I will do, is with the goal of doing just that. I will never stop working to help enable her to reach her full potential.

I will never stop advocating for her until people truly see her abilities, and not her disabilities.

I will never stop warding off the naysayers who doubt what she can do.

I will never stop fighting for the services she needs in order to level her playing field with that of her peers.

I will never stop making sure that she has every chance, every opportunity, to learn in the way that she needs to learn.

I will never stop supporting her in every way that I can so that she experiences the success that she deserves.

I will never stop working until my daughter has her wings.

Yes, this little girl will absolutely have her wings one day.

And, she will soar.

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