My Children Don’t Have A Clue

“Into the great wide open; Under them skies of blue; Out in the great wide open; A rebel without a clue.”
-Tom Petty

As I snapped this picture a week or so ago, I was thinking of these song lyrics. Just this verse played on repeat in my head.

The beautiful blue sky above and my two beautiful kiddos running with abandon through a field at their favorite park. Yes, my two little rebels without a clue.
The more I thought about it, the more it fit.

My children don’t have a clue yet about so much in this life.

They don’t have a clue that things don’t always have happy endings like they see on television.

They don’t have a clue about mortgages and taxes and the other mundane stresses of adulthood.

They don’t have a clue that there are real bad guys out there. Not the kind that look like monsters from scary movies, but bad guys that are disguised to look like one of us.

They don’t have a clue that they need to be afraid to go to the movies or a concert or even to school because those bad guys might be there, too.

They don’t have a clue about mass shootings and all the fear and hatred in the world.

My heart breaks that I even have to write these words. I will do my best to protect my innocent, open-minded children from these realities for as long as I can. It’s painful enough for me as an adult to process these things. Children shouldn’t have to.

I want them to enjoy their childhood without these worries for as long as possible.

I want them to continue to feel safe and carefree going about their lives, as all children should.

I want them to focus on all the good out there, instead of the scary.

No, my kids have no clue. But someday they will.

And that’s really not fair.

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