Mom Guilt And The Girls’ Trip

I could feel guilty.

I am out of town for the weekend for my annual girls’ trip with four of my best friends who are located around the country. I hopped on a plane to fly away, while my husband stays home with the kids. I will be gone for five days.

I could feel guilty that I am doing something for myself.

I could feel guilty for being away on a mini vacation while my family is back in the real world of school and work and cooking dinners.

I could feel guilty that I will be laughing with my girlfriends instead of packing lunches and giving baths and minding bedtime.

I could feel guilty, but I am choosing not to.

And that’s not easy, you know. As moms we are ingrained with the notion that we are responsible for everyone at all times. We are used to putting other’s needs in front of our own. We are conditioned to strongly carry the weight of it all on our shoulders.

Putting that weight down is strange. Letting go of daily control feels weird. Doing for ourselves feels indulgent.

But it shouldn’t.

So today I am taking a deep breath and exhaling the guilt. I will go on my girls’ trip and enjoy every minute. I will relax and have fun and dance, all while feeling just a little bit lighter.

And then, when it’s over too quickly, I will return home to it all as a better mom than when I left.

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