Mom 2.0 Summit and Me

This morning I woke up feeling like I had a “hangover” from the previous week. Yes, I am exhausted from a whirlwind of a conference and woke up with the lingering grogginess from a long day of traveling and a 3 hour time change, but other feelings are lingering, too.

This week at the Mom 2.0 Summit was amazing.

You saw the pictures.

We stayed in the gorgeous, palace-like Langham Huntington, Pasadena. We were pampered by Dove and treated like royalty. We were given gifts and treated to delicious meals. We were thrown parties and taught by experts in our industry. We attended a red carpet Golden Globes style awards ceremony to honor our colleagues and friends.

It was wonderful and special, and I can’t wait to do it all again in a year.

But, some of you out there (like my husband) may be wondering if this experience was excessive. You may be thinking, “You’re a small blogger/writer, not a celebrity. Why all the fanciness?” And, you know, at first I wondered that too, and a part of me felt guilty.

Did I deserve this? I’m no Debbie Allen or Kristen Bell.

Shouldn’t I be home packing lunches, wiping butts and giving baths?

Why was I being treated so well?

Then this morning at home it all clicked. As I sat on my couch in my old, mismatched pajamas wearing no make-up, I had a realization.

While watching Blues Clues with my husband and 2 children and thinking about the diapers that need to be changed, the dishes that need to be washed, the laundry that needs to be done, and wondering how I am ever going to find the time to pursue my dreams, the purpose of it all became perfectly clear.

Mom 2.0 inspires people like me to keep going and not lose sight of our goals.

Mom 2.0 gives validation to my colleagues and me to know that our work is truly valuable. Because it is.

Mom 2.0 helped me remember that I am more than a mom. I love my children with every part of me, but I am a whole person.

Mom 2.0 facilitated new friendships with wonderful people and solidified current ones with women I love and admire.

Mom 2.0 reminded me that I am a person whose dreams are worthwhile and whose goals are attainable.

Mom 2.0 Summit saw me and allowed me to see myself again.

Once I realized these things I also realized this:
All these things I just listed above are not excessive. They are necessary.

So very necessary.

So, I will not feel guilty for the days of champagne and beach waves and Taye Diggs selfies. I will cherish the memories and honor the value of the time I spent away from my regular mommy duties.

What I brought home with me from Mom 2.0 is much more valuable than any swag I could have received. I brought home motivation, inspiration and excitement about what the future has in store for me.

Yes, many feelings are lingering in my post-conference haze, and I hope these feelings stay with me until next year (although the jet lag is welcome to go at any time).

Thank you, Mom 2.0 Summit. For everything.

Clockwise: Beach waves by Dove, Life of the Party backdrop at the Welcome Party, Taye Diggs and me, friends walking the red carpet, Horseshoe Garden at The Langham Huntington
Good night, Pasadena! View from the balcony at The Langham Huntington.


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