(LOL-ing) mom with a blog

So, I recently started playing around with memes and gifs. I have had an idea for one for a while that I just didn’t know how to put together. Well, I finally figured it out, and I’m pretty proud of myself. πŸ™‚

Below is my first ever veme! I think it’s pretty funny. LOL. If you like it, please check it out on my Facebook page! Thanks!

6 thoughts on “(LOL-ing) mom with a blog

  1. I just saw your post on my Facebook page. I was just speaking with my other friends over the weekend that also had premature babies with “special needs” that there is no source of information moving forward. Our son was born at 26 weeks, also knew early on with my pregnancy that there were problems, now at 11 still struggling with IEP’s an OHI. I myself got certified in Developmental Therapy and more recently an EC position to simply try to understand and help my own child. I am frustrated with the lack of empathy and information out there. When our son was born people flocked to help…as the years have worn on, I feel like it is now a personal battle. There is no one to help or guide parents with children that are 5+. If you are focused on helping school aged children I would be very interested in helping you move this need forward. Best of Luck!

    Sherry Thompson

    1. Thank you, Sherry! It is a difficult road, but it is invaluable to have the support of people who β€œget it” and have been there too. Your son is lucky to have such a dedicated mother. All the best.

  2. What beautiful words from a loving mom! So often people forget to look past a handicap and miss getting to know the person. I’ve work with young adults with special needs for 13 years. My people has I loving refer to, without speaking show unconditional love. I have the best job and each one have taught me so much about life! God bless you and your beautiful little girl!

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