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In just a matter of days, my baby is going to become a kindergarten student. I cannot believe where the time has gone. I am still in a little bit of denial, as we still need to complete school supply and school clothes shopping. Maybe if I stick my fingers in my ears and say “la la la” loud enough, I won’t have to accept this inevitable truth.

Today on Parent.co I have shared a letter to my daughter about my thoughts and feelings on this huge milestone (for both of us). I hope you enjoy it. ♥

“To My Baby Girl, As She Begins Kindergarten”

Dear Daughter,

It’s hard for me to believe, but in a few short weeks you’ll be starting kindergarten. You’ll be packing up your little Pottery Barn Kids back pack and climbing the stairs onto the yellow school bus that will take you to your next big adventure.

I will not let you see it, but I am having a hard time. Mixed with the happiness I feel for you are pangs of sadness and nostalgia for times past.

You see, daughter, you are my baby. I know, I know. Baby brother is here now to take that title, and yes, you are a big girl. But, to me, you will always be a baby. My baby.

You are my first born. Many sleep deprived nights of new motherhood were spent rocking you. The first panicked call I made to the pediatrician was about you. My first time planning a preschool play date was with your best buddy. All your firsts are my firsts as a mommy.

Now, as we prepare for the big day, I am also thinking about all the new firsts to come…

To read the rest of my letter, please visit Parent.co here.



One thought on “(kindergarten) mom with a blog

  1. Hello there! This article captured my heart. My heart aches as I resonate with your fears for your sweet girl because I also have a child with special needs. I see that September was a success and I congratulate you brace mama on the great news!
    My son, Max the Great, will start kindergarten next fall and when I think about that…my heart is filed with fears, wonder, sadness, heartbreak, and much more. But your article has given me hope for what is to come. Your words gave me the words to express some of my deepest fears. Fears I’ve been wrestling with, avoiding, and dreading in my heart. And the thought of having future IEP meetings make me feel like I want curl up under my blankets and hide. I can go on but I will stop here.
    Thank you for sharing your gift sincerity and self expression with the world. Sincerely, Karla

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