Sometimes It’s All About Survival In Parenting


I think we all have lots of things that we swore a long time ago we would never do when we became parents. You know, back in that other galaxy far, far away. Back then we knew we would be perfect parents. The only problem was that once the kids arrived, reality set in.

Parenting is hard AF.

I had the best laid plans back then. The greatest intentions of doing things “the right way”…

Limited (or no) screentime!

Kids will eat what I make for dinner!

Strict bedtimes!

I make the rules!

But, I quickly learned that in order to be a good parent, I needed to maintain my sanity. Sometimes I needed a break. Sometimes I needed to bend the rules a little. Sometimes it’s all about survival.

If you are a parent who sticks to all of their pre-kid ideals, then good for you. Truly. I’m not saying that is bad in any way. What I am saying is that those parents who don’t? Well, maybe they are just trying to get through the day the best way they can.

Kid watching videos on an iPad in a restaurant? Chances are their parent is trying to consume their meal without having to mediate any public meltdowns.


3-year-old in a stroller? Maybe that parent needs to get an errand done and can’t risk their toddler running away from them.


Snacks at 8:00pm even though said child refused dinner? Yes, they should have eaten dinner, but the kid is hungry and it’s late, and that parent’s head may be close to exploding from the whining.


Parent giving in too easily to a tantrum? Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Also, see above reference about potential head explosions.

Survival, my friends.

I believe most of my parental indiscretions ultimately boil down to survival. And, if yours do too, you know what? If our kids are safe and healthy and loved, no one should care. Like at all.

We all want the same things for our kids. Maybe we just have a different approach to getting there. Do what works best for you and your family.

After all, we all gotta survive.

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