“If You See Love, Run At It.”

“If you see love, run at it.”

I watched the “Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything” Netflix special at 3:00am this morning (because insomnia). I had to stifle my laughs to keep from waking up the other members of my household, who were obviously soundly sleeping at the time.

The special was great, but above all the hilarity, this quote stuck out to me the most.

It may have been the delirium of 3am thoughts making this statement seem so profound, but I think it was something else.

I think these words impacted me so strongly because during this shit show of a year I have been hit with the fact that life is short. It is precious and unpredictable. Your world can turn upside down in a matter of seconds. We don’t know what tomorrow holds.

We don’t have forever. We have today.

We have to follow our hearts, and for God’s sake – if you see love, run at it. ❤️

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