I Stand With Ukraine

The images and stories coming out of Ukraine are heart-breaking.

These devastating scenes of war are hitting us hard, and I think it is because we realize something important.

We are not special.

We are not different.

These families, these babies and these homes we are seeing could be ours. These terrified civilians we watch being interviewed could be us.

Our hearts are breaking because we are seeing ourselves in the people of Ukraine. We ache for the mothers, we want to protect the children, we fear for the families.

We hurt because we can’t imagine what it must be like for them. Or perhaps we can imagine, but the thoughts are just too painful.

So let us take these feelings and give them purpose.

Let us continue to teach our children peace in the face of violence, love in the face of hatred, and hope in the face of fear.

Let us give kindness freely, and offer support whenever and however we are able.

And let us be grateful for our freedoms and safety, and never, ever take these things for granted.

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