I Hate Valentine’s Day

I am a romantic.

I love LOVE.

I secretly adore writing poetry, and not-so-secretly adore daydreaming about happy endings and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

But I hate Valentine’s Day.

Detest it.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day is all about immense societal pressure and public displays of affection. For me Valentine’s Day has always followed a tremendous build-up of emotions and unrealistic expectations. Maybe this traces back to me wondering if anyone would send me a stupid $1 carnation in high school or would I be the only person without one. Or maybe back in young adulthood when there was always the worry of if I would be the only single one in my friend group with nothing to do on February 14th. And then if I wasn’t single, what would my partner and I do to make it THE MOST SPECIAL DAY IN THE HISTORY OF DAYS??? 🙄

Unsurprisingly when there is that kind of pressure put on one single day, there is bound to be some letdown.

So I decided I’m out.

I prefer not to read your mushy declarations of love on social media. And for me – keep your dozen red roses and jewelry and chocolates. I don’t want that stuff, especially on Valentine’s Day.

What my romantic heart wants is different from all that commercial Valentine’s Day represents.

I want the thoughtful gestures and vulnerable words and for someone to remember tiniest things about me. Like the tattoo I’ve been dying to get. How I like my eggs cooked. The podcasts I love to listen to. The story I mentioned once all those years ago. The things that seem insignificant but that show me you are listening and paying attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some pretty great V Days. Just overall? Nope. Not my cup of tea (read: coffee).

I will choose thoughtfulness over the showiness of this holiday any day. And I think thoughtfulness should be shown every day of the year.

Not just on February 14th.

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