I Am On Her Team

“Are you on my team?” my daughter asked me matter-of-factly tonight.

She has heard me say this before. That I am on her team. And it’s true that I am and always will be.

I will forever be her loyal teammate.

I will unconditionally be her devoted coach.

And I will for sure, at all the times, be her loudest cheerleader.

Because isn’t that what we all do as parents?

No matter what, it is our job to be on our children’s sides as they navigate the world providing the support, guidance, and encouragement necessary to face their next challenge in life.

Day after day, for the rest of my life it will be my mission and my honor to do just these things for my children.

I paused, looked my daughter in the eyes, and replied,

“Of course I am, baby. Always.”

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