Give Love

“Come here! I have a message for you,” my 6-year-old son called to me from the kitchen this morning as I was hurrying to get things ready for school.

I told him to wait. I was busy trying not to miss the bus, but I saw his smile and had to go see.

On the kitchen floor spelled out in magnetic letters was this word. Love. And, boy, did I need to see that at that moment.

I’ve been struggling. Doubting myself. Worrying about my children. Wondering (as I so often do) if I am doing a good enough job by them. If I am ENOUGH at all. And then out of the blue, my son quite literally gave me “love”.

Of course it didn’t take away all of my anxiety, but it eased my restless heart and showed me on this day I’m doing pretty ok as a mom.

It was what I needed in that moment. He didn’t know that. He just gave me love whether I needed it or not. And I think that’s a great way to live.

Let’s try to give love to others whether we think they need it or not.

Because chances are they probably do.

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