Forget Report Cards

I have come to realize that in the long run these grades, the ones we often place so much value on, don’t really matter. Grades are not the “be all and end all” to who my daughter is. No, not one bit.

Here are some things that DO matter:

-The smile on my daughter’s face each morning when it’s time to leave for school.

-The open and honest stories she shares each afternoon about how her day went.
-The times that my daughter tells me she misses her teachers because she loves school just that much.

-The art projects she brings home that she is so proud to have made.

-The times that she surprises me with a new skill that I didn’t even know that she had.

-The kindness that she offers to others and her empathy for those around her.

-The self-confidence that I watch grow in her every day.

Yes, these are the things that make me proud. These are things that cannot be rated on a grading scale. These things tell me that my daughter is happy, caring and making progress in so many ways every single day.

So, no, I really don’t care what my daughter scored in first grade Social Studies. I care what kind of person she is, and all of these examples let me know that she is doing amazing.

My daughter is so far beyond “outstanding” to those who know and love her. I don’t need a letter grade to tell me that.

Forget report cards.

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