Finding “You” Time

A few weeks ago, I went to the eye doctor for an overdue check up. I needed a full eye exam, so there was no way I could bring my toddler with me. I couldn’t do that to the other people in the waiting room. Or to the office staff. Or the doctor. Or my sanity.

Anyway, I was lucky that my husband was able to go into work late so I could head to my appointment alone. I knew it would be a long one since I would be getting my eyes dilated and would have to do a lot of waiting. I was not looking forward to it.

While I was sitting in the quiet, dimly lit room, I tried to use my phone. As the minutes passed my dilated eyes were having trouble focusing, so I put it down. And I sat. And I listened to the sounds around me. And I rested. I savored the calmness and I took it in.

It was nice. So nice, just to have that time to myself. Time where no one was screeching or running around or demanding something from me. Time where my phone was not beckoning me to catch up on emails or social media. I was alone with my thoughts and enjoying it. Who would have thought that becoming a mother would make little things like a trip to the eye doctor seem like a spa retreat?

Mamas – you get it, don’t you?

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