Don’t Let Anyone Obstruct Your View

It’s IEP time again for us.

I sit at home with the re-evaluation report in front of me, but I can’t bring myself to read it. The thick pile of crisp pages waits for me, untouched.

But I am hesitant.

I am hesitant to read all the ways that my child is different.

I am hesitant to be reminded that she is not keeping up with her same-age peers.

I am hesitant to read off numbers and percentiles – and to see words like “below average” and “very low” – all while knowing with my whole heart those things do not begin to show her true capabilities.

I am hesitant to receive the gut punch that comes with seeing it all in black and white.

Of course I know my child is not “typically developing”.

I know she has many challenges and areas where she has greater needs than most.

But also I know all the strengths she has, all the growth she has made, and all the potential she holds.

This report is a snapshot.

A “standardized” assessment of how my “nonstandard” child measures up.

This report doesn’t tell the whole picture of who my child really is, so I will let it sit a little longer.

And even after I read it, I will continue to see her through my eyes.

Eyes that see strengths before weaknesses.

Eyes that see potential over limitations.

Eyes that see one of the hardest working and strongest kids I know.

And I will do everything in my power to make sure others see her the same way.

❤️Parents of Children with Special Needs – keep seeing your child through your eyes, and don’t let anyone obstruct your view.

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