Confession Time


This week was tough for me.

I don’t have a color-coded homeschool schedule.

We have not perfected a routine for our days.

My patience ran short too often.

I was cranky and not always fun to be around.

My kids had too much screen time.

I put on make-up the past few days even though I haven’t left the house, not even for a walk.

I downloaded TikTok and made videos that I’m too old for.

I created a rainbow for my door as a symbol of hope for my neighbors, but also for myself.

I stressed and I worried and I worked hard to fight off panic attacks and tears.

And guess what? That’s ok.

It’s ok because it has to be.

This new normal is hard AF, my friends. We are all learning how to deal with it and how to make it through each day in the healthiest (mentally and physically) way possible.

If you have struggled this week, too, you are not alone. SO not alone.

We will find our rhythm, friends. We will.

And during this difficult time, we will bond with each other.

We will make new memories of family togetherness and silliness.

We will reconnect with people and strengthen relationships in a long-distance kind of way.

We will look out for and check in with one another.

We will get through this together.

And, when this is all over, we will keep these lessons close to our heart.

We will come out the other side stronger and more compassionate than before.

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