Best Mother’s Day Gift


This right here is everything.

When my children think of me, I hope that they recall the places we go, the songs we sing, the books that we read.

I hope that they think of me as their homework helper, dinner cooker, and bath giver.

I hope that they know me as their safe space, their home base, their soft place to fall.

But, above all else, I hope that my children will be able to say that they know how very much I love them. After all, this fierce love is my motivation for all the things I do as a mother.

Motherhood has given me so much. I can make jokes for days about questionable bladder control, blown out ab muscles, and sleep deprivation, because motherhood has certainly gifted me all these things. But, the joys of motherhood outweigh the pains, and receiving little tangible rewards like this right here are so heart-filling. I will cherish this always.

And, if I could tell my children one thing it would be, “Thank you, my darlings, for allowing me to be your mom. It is my greatest honor.”

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