Back-To-School 2020

My daughter had an amazing first week of remote schooling, and it is all because of her amazing teachers and paraprofessionals.

This is a crazy, exhausting time for all of us.

Teachers are doing things that have never been done before to educate our kids and give them a sense of normalcy and routine. And, it is working. My daughter’s smile proves it.

I know things are not the same.

Of course not.

In our house, we are teaching and learning and bonding and working all over the internet. Mastering how to find little faces on screens, manage a mute button, and click “Turn In” is going to be the new normal for school.

But, that’s ok.

We are all doing the best we can with the circumstances we are faced with.

I am thankful for our district’s decision to do all remote schooling, and so grateful for my child’s dedicated teachers and kind classmates.

To all the educators and parents reading this, no matter what format your school year started with, we have made it through (at least) one week!

We got this.

And, so do our kids. ❤️

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