Five Years and Counting…

December 13, 2012.

My family woke up bright and early in a hotel room in Boston. Only we weren’t there for vacation. We were there to have my daughter undergo a cardiac procedure at Boston Children’s Hospital.

In August 2012, our local children’s hospital had recommended that Evalyn needed another open heart surgery. A third open heart surgery in less than two years! My heart broke hearing that news and thinking about how much her 20-month-old little body had been through already. Continue reading

Life Lessons From My Daughter, Part 2464

“Go up to the bathroom!” I said firmly to my daughter.

I was frantically packing folders with school papers and reheating leftover pasta for my daughter’s lunch. The bus would be at our house in less than 20 minutes and we had made zero progress on our getting-ready-for-school routine. And, yet my daughter stood there in her pajamas watching me run around the kitchen trying to get things ready with no sense of urgency at all. 

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(deja vu) mom with a blog

Today we returned to the Cardiac unit where my daughter spent the first 9 and a half weeks of her life. She needed to have a test that required sedation, and due to her heart condition she needed to be closely monitored by a Cardiac anesthesiologist.

As we walked through the double automatic doors, we entered another world. It was like we walked back in time almost 7 years. I didn’t think it would affect me this way, but it did.

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