Alone Together

I’m a homebody.

I’m an introvert.

You can even say that I’m a bit shy and sometimes avoid interacting with other people on purpose.

I am for sure #TeamSociallyAwkward.

But, guys. This social isolation is killing me. Only a few days in, and I am missing the world around me.

There is something about not being allowed to have contact with others that makes me crave it even more.

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To The Parent Of A Medically Complex Child

This one goes out to all the parents who have to bribe their kids with Happy Meals to cooperate at medical specialist visits.

To all the parents who make and manage countless doctor appointments on a regular basis.

To all the parents who wear a brave face so that their child does not have to worry.

To all the parents who breathe a sigh of relief after a good report, when no one even knew they were holding their breath.

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