Alone Together

I’m a homebody.

I’m an introvert.

You can even say that I’m a bit shy and sometimes avoid interacting with other people on purpose.

I am for sure #TeamSociallyAwkward.

But, guys. This social isolation is killing me. Only a few days in, and I am missing the world around me.

There is something about not being allowed to have contact with others that makes me crave it even more.

And, I don’t think I’m alone in this.

In a way, I think this period of physical social distancing has the potential to bring people closer together emotionally.

Use this time to chat with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Make that call you have been putting off.

Reinstall “Words With Friends” on your phone.

Host a group FaceTime session.

Hit send on that text you keep erasing.

Find ways to stay close and reconnect. I know I am trying.

We may all be separated right now, but we are not alone.

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