I’m An Empath Raising An Empath

I am an empath raising an empath, and it’s hard.

This little guy feels all the feelings. He is hilarious and loud and energetic, and he is surprisingly sensitive. He is self-described as “emotionable”.

His eyes fill up with tears at moving moments in conversation or while listening to touching music.

He feels actual heartache for fictional characters in movies or books, sometimes to the point of crying.
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Let That Sh*t Go

The past few nights I’ve been sitting down to write with some ideas in mind, but nothing happens.

Well, something happens. I freeze. Then I get sucked down the rabbit hole of Instagram Reels for an embarrassing amount of time. Then I freeze again. It’s incredibly frustrating.

The good news about this is that I think I have figured out why this is happening. I’ve realized that I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to write something here that is inspiring or hilarious or profound. I feel like my posts need to be polished and perfect, and that my stories need to tie themselves up into little bows with some poignant life lesson. I feel this so much that when I sit down to actually write something, I pull back because I feel like my words won’t live up to my own expectations.
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