Scary Attics Are Scary

I recently went up into my attic in search of some old boxes of memories from years past that have been packed up for so long. This is a big deal for me because, quite frankly, I am afraid of my attic.

And it’s true. Scary attics ARE scary.

And, yes, I went up into mine despite being afraid, and I’d do it again.

Because sometimes we have to be brave and do scary things to get to the good stuff.

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Why I Cried After My COVID Test

I had a drive-through COVID test the other day.

I pulled up to a line of cars entering a large white tent in a hospital parking lot. I could see from a distance that inside the tent were people in gowns with masks, gloves and face shields. My leg was shaking as I tried to hold the brake pedal down in the car line. I was nervous.

I had to talk to three different people before entering. One to make sure I had an appointment, one to take my license and insurance card, and one to hand me paperwork and briefly explain what was about to happen. I was assured they would only swab the lower part of my nose, and they would, in fact, NOT tickle my brain (my words, not theirs).

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