Dressing Up In Lockdown

I did a thing today.

I have read other posts about people getting dressed up lately “just because”. I mean, we’re all holed up in quarantine. It’s not like we have much reason to get dressed at all, really.

Today I decided I needed a little pick-me-up. A Mother’s Day treat time myself, if you will. So, while the rest of my family was outside playing, I blow dried my hair, put on my “fancy” makeup (as opposed to just the regular makeup I put on to do a quick TikTok video), and threw on a dress and heels.

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Thankful For The Nurses

When my daughter was born in 2010, our family was thrown into the  medical world. My daughter was hospitalized for cardiac issues for the first 66 days of her life.

My first 66 days as a mother were spent at least partly in a hospital.

Those 66 days changed were some of the longest of my life. We were forced to live hour to hour, as outlooks could change just as quickly.

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