I Cleaned Off My Dining Room Table And Here’s What Happened

I cleaned off my dining room table today and suddenly felt like I had my shit together.

I didn’t, of course. But looking at that clear space where clutter had just been had an unusually calming effect on me. It was almost as if the table was cheering me on. “See? You got this,” it seemed to say to me with the light reflecting off its shiny cherry finish.

As I sat in the chair facing the open space where school supplies and papers had been piled, I could breathe a little deeper. It was a small space where I could look to and physically avoid the hecticness that is adulting and parenthood. Continue reading

When Our Kids Don’t Need “Catching”

“Don’t catch me, Mommy!” my three-year-old exclaimed as I reached for him.

He was busy bounding up and down the bleacher steps at his Daddy’s baseball game last night. Happy and confident, he was taking such pleasure in the loud “boom” the metal planks made with each exaggerated step that he took. He was having a most wonderful time.

I, on the other hand, was watching with bated breath. My insides clenched with anxiety with each move he made, as I just waited for him to fall. My mommy instincts were in full effect, and I swooped in to rescue him. I reached out for his hand.  Continue reading

Kind Hearts Supporting Mended Little Hearts

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I will always vividly remember the day that I learned I was going to be a Heart Mom.

It was midway through my first pregnancy, and my husband and I were at our Anatomy Scan appointment at my doctor’s office. We were so excited knowing that in just minutes we would find out if we were having a boy or a girl. The ultrasound technician was happy to tell us that we were expecting a little girl, and I’m sure she enjoyed watching our expressions of pride on our faces.

Continue reading