I Am Thankful

When my coffee gets cold,
When I have no time to shower,
When my nerves are frayed,
When my space is not my own
and neither is my time,
When sleep is elusive,
When my house is a mess,
When moments are not picture perfect,
When my kids are off the wall,
When the whining hurts my ears,
When I forget who I am,
When I struggle to handle it all,
When I feel like I can’t do it for one more second,
I am always, always thankful that I am a mother.
Motherhood is hard. So hard. But so, so worth it.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there.

Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel

When I woke up this morning I was greeted by several text and Facebook messages with a link to a breaking news story.

“Thought you might want to see this.”

“Saw this and thought you would be interested.”  

“Thought of you when I watched this.”

The story was about Jimmy Kimmel. During the opening monologue on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live!  last night, Kimmel opened up to his audience and the world about the birth of his son, Billy, on Friday, April 21st. What at first seemed to be a uneventful and typical birth turned out to be anything but.

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