Making the Hard Decisions

“You know what, mom? I got this,” she told me this morning as I dropped her off at the door for her last day of Basketball Camp. She didn’t need me to walk her in, after all.
This week was my daughter’s first camp experience ever, and she thrived. I swear she seems more mature after this week, and her self-confidence has definitely grown.
As parents of children with disabilities, we often question if we are doing the best for our children. Are we doing enough? Are we making the right choices for them? Signing her up for a traditional sports camp was a difficult decision. Unknowns are hard. But Evalyn has developed an interest in basketball, and I wanted to encourage that.

Of course there was a lot of anxiety leading up to this week on my part. Would she be able to physically keep up with the other athletes? Am I pushing her too hard? Would she be happy there? So many questions. But I can tell you today that it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever mad

So tonight my heart is overflowing. I am going to bed so very grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to attend this camp with supportive coaches, camp counselors, and teammates.

Here’s to making the hard decisions so we can watch our kids do amazing things.

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